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January 25, 2011 @ 10:00

Moovida still not in Fedora :(

I’m looking forward to seeing Moovida in Fedora, but currently it is stuck in bugzilla limbo :(
Currently Ubuntu has much better choice of multimedia and media center apps, that is why I hope Moovida gets in Fedora repos soon.
If you know somebody who would sponsor this packet please point him/her in the right direction.
Good news is that Moovida available via Fedora 13 and 14 repos for some time now. Bad news is that Moovida project has moved away from Linux and is only making closed source media center that works on Windows only :(
Not to sad about it because XBMC is currently much better media center that Moovida will ever be.

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November 3, 2010 @ 10:54

1st thing to do after installing Fedora 14

rpm -Uvh http://dnmouse.org/autoten-5.1-6.fc14.noarch.rpm
yum install gnome-do parcellite

What is the first thing you did after installing Fedora 14?

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October 29, 2010 @ 20:21

Linux Mint – little distro that could

If you compare Linux Mint 10 release notes to Ubuntu 10.10 or Fedora 14 release notes it becomes obvious why Linux Mint is so popular.
Linux Mint has more features that matter for Linux desktop users that Ubuntu and Fedora combined.
Congrats to Linux Mint developers for all their hard work and dedication.
So why not join Fusion Linux Fedora Remix and become new contributor so that we can create some healthy competition for Linux Mint. It is obvious that Ubuntu and Fedora aren’t focused on desktop users.

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October 27, 2010 @ 11:19

Phoronix test suite with gui on Fedora just a step away…

Phoronix test suite is great benchmarking suite, unfortunately packages in Fedora are stuck at version 1.8.
So how hard is it to download and use Phoronix test suite from their site? Actually really easy of you don’t need gui, because running gui has some depencies that aren’t in Fedora.
To use cli version just download and unpack the archive and you are good to go.
You need two packages that aren’t in Fedora, php-gtk, but php-gtk also has it’s dependency – pecl-cairo. There is a nice howto for installing php-gtk from tar.gz package but it doesn’t work for Fedora.
php-gtk needs to be downloaded from svn because tar.gz version is really old and doesn’t work with php 5.3
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October 17, 2010 @ 18:01

Best prosumer (non-SLR) digital camera of 2010/2011 ?

I’m looking for a new digital camera, I had Olympus C-8080 with 28-140mm F2.4-3.5 lens and 2/3″ (0.58 cm²) sensor as my primary camera for last 6 years, it had great lens and quite bigger sensor than current compact cameras. During diving on this year’s holiday underwater case gave in an screw for flash cable broke and let water in :(
So I’m looking for a new camera to replace old and trustworthy Olympus C-8080. I’m looking for a camera that would have bigger than average sensor; most cameras have sensor that is 0.3-0.4 cm2 and Olympus C-8080 had 0.6 cm2 sensor. I’m looking for great image quality camera but don’t want to have big bag only for camera so no SLR for me, and also prices of SLR lenses are too high for amateur photographers like me.
What would be my ideal camera? Camera with fixed fast F/2.0 lens, fast focus, 4/3 or APS-C size sensor, 28-200 mm zoom range and rain/waterproof case. Call it anyway you want, it could be called Olympus C-9090, Sony DSC-R2, Canon SXG10, Canon GX1 – I don’t care ;)
There are few different lens systems out there, one of more popular ones is Micro Four Thirds. Some manufactures have started releasing cameras with bigger APS-C size sensor.
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September 12, 2010 @ 16:25

Open Source Double Desk v2.0

In previous post I showed the general idea how our double desk will look like, now there are more details. Plan is to design a double desk and then give it to 3rd party company to make it.
I’m still looking on how to do the lighting for this desk. Any ideas are more than welcome.
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September 9, 2010 @ 21:42

My firsts Open Source Desk Design

Seams that nobody makes double desks, as my girlfriend and I need need double desk so we can work together at home, I have decided to design one myself.
I’ll be posting designs as they progress and hope to get further ideas how to improve this design, like adding cable management and mount for light that will be integrated on top of desktop area.
Dimensions we can work with are up to 170x65cm (70×25.5 inch) for top desktop area.
Here is how V1.0 of double desk currently looks like:

Easiest and really nice app for creating and designing furniture is Google Sketchup, it isn’t Open Source but it is free as in beer. I plan to release final design under some Open Source licence (any recommendations?).
Have you seen some cool desk designs I can borrow ideas from?
Download Google Skektchup 3D model.

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May 29, 2010 @ 14:37

Btrfs Fedora Remix

Currently I’m testing if it is possible to create btrfs live CD-USB Fedora Remix. If this works next release of Community Fedora Remix will have btrfs by default.
What you need to do is to edit Fedora kickstart file. Instead of just one line that creates single ext4 root partiion you also need a dedicated /boot partition. Currently it is not possible to boot from btrfs partition.
Original lines from Fedora kickstart files look like this:

part / --size 5000 --fstype ext4

And you need to change so it look like this:

part /boot --size 120 --fstype ext4
part / --size 6000 --fstype="btrfs"
bootloader --location=mbr --append="btrfs"

Keeping my fingers crossed that this works ;)
This isn’t working, livecd-creator just fails when use kickstart file that is edited this way. I got a tip to try one different setup:

part /boot –size=128 –onpart=sda1 –fstype=ext3
part pv.01 –size=128 –onpart=sda2 –grow
volgroup VolGroup pv.01
logvol / –size=128 –vgname=VolGroup –fstype=btrfs –grow –name=root –fsoptions=ssd

This works so far that it creates iso image but it is ext3 image, and not btrfs?!? Any ideas on how to create btrfs livecd is more than welcome.

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May 26, 2010 @ 9:08

Izašao je Community Fedora Remix 13.1 “Lucky 13″

Nakon mnogo mukotrpnog rada, štrikanja kickstart skripti, pravljenja novih rpm paketa i testiranja Community Fedora Remix 13.1 “Lucky 13″ je spreman za download.
Dvije su osnovne ideja koje stoje iza Community Fedora Remixa, prva je “više od upstreama” a druga je “multimedija odmah”.
Što znači “više od upstreama”?
Fedora je vrlo usko vezana za upstream projekte (GNOME, KDE i sve ostale) te s njima ima jako usku suradnju, takav način suradnje donosi i puno prednosti pri razvoju novih mogućnosti. No bliska suradnja s upstream projektima ima i nedostatak ako netko želi bilo što eksperimentirati s nekim promjena na desktopu to ne može napraviti u Fedori već sve treba prvo dogovoriti s upstream projektima, što ubije sve ideje u početku. Zbog toga je izgled Fedora desktopa malo “zaostao” u odnosu na druge Linux distribucije koje grabe hrabro naprijed poput Linux Mint-a. Ovdje ne mislim na dizajn jer Fedora dizajn tim radi odličan posao, već na ukupan izgled i funkcionalnost desktopa.
Kao je Fedora projekt omogućio pravljenje Remix-a iskoristili smo tu mogućnost kako bi napravili najbolji mogući Fedora Remix za desktop korisnike.
Što znači “multimedija odmah”?
Druga ideja “multimedija odmah” znači da su multimedia codeci i flash podrška odmah instalirani, nema potrebe za instaliranjem bilo kakvih dodatnih paketa.
Ovaj Fedora Remix možete zamisliti kako Pimy My Ride verziju Fedore ;)
Jedna od najvećih promjena u odnosu na sve mainstream distribucije je korištenje mintMenu-a i DoxkbarX-a na GNOME sučelju umjesto standardnih GNOME panel komponenti.
Ovim putem vas pozivam da se i uključite u ovaj projekt. Ako imate ideju i znanje kako ju implementirati više ste nego dobrodošli. Ako imate samo ideju kako poboljšati ovaj Remix svakako javite, bilo bi nam drago da čujemo vašu ideju, a još draže da se priključite i sami ju ostvarite. Ako nešto i ne znate pomoći ćemo vam oko tehničkih detalja.
Za suradnju se prijavite na mailing listu ovog Community Fedora Remix projekta.
Kako pomoći ovom projektu:
– ako imate ideje i znanje:
* kako poboljšati Linux Destop
* koje programe instalirati kao standardne
* koje programe izbaciti s popisa standardnih
* koje GNOME teme instalirati
– ako ste grafički dizajner
* pomognite nam u dizajnu web stranica
* dizajn logotipa i zaštitnog znaka distribucije
– ako ste web programer
* pomognite nam podići novi web site, forum i sve ostalo što treba
– ako ste Linux Ninja
* uključite se u direktan razvoj ove distribucije
Za detalje pogledajte i službene stranice.

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May 12, 2010 @ 9:28

Google wants http:// to die

From what Google is doing in Chrome/Cromium browsers it is obvious that Google wants http to disappear. Google is saying that http confuses regular users, but that is just pure PR nonsense and a lie.
The real reason is that spdy:// would confuse users, but Google is spinning it a different way and Chrome/Chromium developers must do as Google tells them to do.
If you aren’t familiar with spdy:// it is a new and protocol that is faster and better than http protocol for browsing, it is developed by Google.
Spdy hasn’t gained much traction since it’s announcement, and none of major sites uses spdy protocol yet, so to make it ambiguous Google has decided to remove http from Chrome/Chromium browsers address bar thus causing lots of havoc.
Chromium developers aren’t listening to any comment and just ignore all issues that have been cropping up. For me first issue is that copy/paste of url links on Linux is broken, but there are more serious issues if you read through comments.
Now even commentig is disabled and on the bug page there is a message saying: “This issue is read-only. New comments cannot be added.” This is a really bad move from Chromium developers. The discussion was locked on first mention of spdy protocol.
The obvious solution to show http:// when users click on the address bar just isn’t what Google wants, no matter what users want.

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