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March 8, 2010 @ 9:42

mintMenu in Fedora

LinuxMint is considered by many the best Linux desktop distribution, it is a Ubuntu based distribution and has some really great additions for desktop users on top of Ubuntu features. LinuxMint team has worked hard on porting mintMenu to Fedora.
mintMenu is currently stuck in review process, but hopefully it will come to Fedora repositories soon so everybody can test it and start using it.
We at Community Fedora Remix are looking into making mintMenu default Gnome menu for our next release.

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  • Tom

    Thanks for this! I’d been having trouble getting the slab menu working in F12 and this seems like the next best thing.

  • http://christoph-wickert.de Christoph

    How you want to make this default without touching the gnome-panel package?

    Apart from that I don’t think you should make this default: It’s not GNOME default and Fedora has a strict policy to follow upstream.

    • http://kernelreloaded.blog385.com valent

      We have a separate Remix – Community Fedora Remix and we will make it default in that Remix.

  • http://christoph-wickert.de Christoph

    I know you want to make it, my question was how you
    want t do it.

    It would require another gnome-panel package built and hosted somewhere and it always needs to have a higher number than the original Fedora one, otherwise it will switch back to the Fedora package during an update. You see the problem?

    • http://kernelreloaded.blog385.com valent

      We wouldn’t touch gnome-panel package, just install mintMenu package.

      If we edit gnome-panel config file so that it uses mintMenu applet instead of GNOME menu applet that should work, right? How would you do it?

  • http://blog.baiquni.net Muhammad Baiquni

    I have been used the mintMenu on my Fedora 12, and thats was so great !!!

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