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October 29, 2010 @ 20:21

Linux Mint – little distro that could

If you compare Linux Mint 10 release notes to Ubuntu 10.10 or Fedora 14 release notes it becomes obvious why Linux Mint is so popular.
Linux Mint has more features that matter for Linux desktop users that Ubuntu and Fedora combined.
Congrats to Linux Mint developers for all their hard work and dedication.
So why not join Fusion Linux Fedora Remix and become new contributor so that we can create some healthy competition for Linux Mint. It is obvious that Ubuntu and Fedora aren’t focused on desktop users.

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    Cuanto juego dan las palmeras
    En el patio del Conde Duque.
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    Barclays Center Arena - 20141126_0805
    getting water out of my ear
    Washing Blinds

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