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April 24, 2010 @ 16:57

Fedora 13 – btrfs and Asus eee issues

I have friend’s Asus eee 701 with only 512 Mb of RAM and 2GB SSD storage. I would like to install Fedora 13 on this netbook and increase SDD performance and speed via btrfs and enabling compression.
I immediately stumbled upon some issues:
– Anaconda graphical installed doesn’t support 800×480 resolution
– Anaconda text installer fails on 2GB SDD
– No support for btrfs compression during the install
I reported these three issues:

  • RFE: Include btrfs compression option in Anaconda installed
  • Anaconda installed doesn’t fit Asus eee screen (800×480)
  • Anaconda text install fails on 2GB SSD
    Any help with getting Fedora 13 installed on Asus eee 701 with btrfs + compression is more than welcome.

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