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December 20, 2011 @ 10:03

Android Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Apple Iphone 4S TCO

I have 2 year old smart phone (iPhone 3GS) and mine 2 year contract is almost over, so I’, looking at my options for upgrade for next two years.
I really like playing with gadgets but I’m also cost concious, so I’m looking at TCO (total cost of ownership) of my next device.
I’m not willing to pay over 200 kn (36$ or 27€) per month for my contract, so these are my options:
Samsung Galaxy S2:
T-Mobile with 150 kn contract – handset 2298 kn + 2 year TCO = 5898 kn
VIP with 200 kn contract – handset 1999 kn + 2 year TCO = 6799 kn
Apple Iphone 4S 16GB:
T-Mobile with 150 kn contract – handset 1998 kn + 2 year TCO = 5598 kn
VIP with 200 kn contract – handset 1699 kn + 2 year TCO = 6499 kn
Maybe our legislative should make it mandatory for everybody to show TCO prices because that is what we pay for.

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